What About Black Sesame Seeds and Anxiety?

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Black sesame seeds are a very old spice, may be, the oldest one in the world. Their earliest recorded use as a spice is traced thousands of years back. According to an Assyrian legend, the gods drank sesame-based wine before they created the earth!

The black sesame seeds are small and flat. Their color is dark. They are still a main spice and food source in every part of Asia and in some parts of Europe and of Africa.

Sesame seeds as such come in various colors but not all of them have the same high value as the black ones.

Although they are considered a culinary treat, they are often used for their medicinal properties.

They have a very high content of minerals. Two minerals are present abundantly: calcium and iron.

According to the Chinese medicine, these seeds have sweet and neutral properties. What does this mean?

How can they help you? They are associated with the liver and the kidneys. They help to give tone to yin, the female energy of the human body. And they help build the spirit. And this is of the utmost importance. Not only for anxiety-sufferers. The spirit is our life force.

It is the force that helps us to go ahead in our life, And the physical life force is based on the kidneys. If our kidneys do not work well, our physical life force gets weak.. That is why this little black wonder can be of the utmost importance in our life. Not only does it improve our spirit, but also our body. As the liver is the other “cleansing” organ of our body, the intake of these seeds helps our body to cleanse itself. Toxins are flushed out. Anxiety sufferers usually have all sorts of toxins in their body. If they eat regularly black sesame seeds, the elimination of those toxins is no longer a problem. However: people with loose motion should not use this kind of natural help. In fact, these seeds help people who suffer from constipation and they promote regular bowel movements.

As black sesame seeds also contain high amounts of protein, phosphorus and magnesium, they are also recommended in case of serious illness. They help rebuild the body and the spirit.

Black sesame seeds are available at herbal shops, health shops, Asian markets,and some food stores that sell exotic spices. They are also available in other forms like powder, pills or capsules. As their taste is slightly sweet and nutty, I suggest to eat them in their original form. Soak 2-3 spoonfuls of seeds in plenty of water, take away whatever remains on the surface (empty hulls etc). Throw the water away and cook the seeds for five minutes in a cup of water. Then let them settle and eat them, if possible early morning before breakfast. You may prepare a bigger quantity (i.e. for one week) and keep it in the refrigerator. If you add these seeds to your daily food, you will soon get aware of their value and of your overall improvement.