The Nature Cure for Depression – Understanding the Cause and Effect

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In nature there are depressions every day. Low pressure zones. You hear it on the news – “there’s a depression over the Australian Bite” causing high winds and storms to the East.

So, nature has depressions too. And exactly as the Universal Laws of nature predict, depressions are caused by elations. (high pressure zones)

You can’t have a depression without an elation.. and the cause of depression is therefore an elation (false expectation) – and in many cases, a false memory or picture of something.

When we meet people do we meet them in love (read here pure balance) or do we most often see either their good side or their bad side? It’s usually the latter… we see people as we hope they are… so depression is simply the realisation that people aren’t who we thought they were.

It’s not the person’s fault – they just acted out our fantasy.. just like we act out other people’s fantasy.

We all meet, even in a relationship, in a contract of exchange… you be who I want, I’ll be who you want. And we’ll live in this delusion for as long as we can sustain it. So, at some level, we’re all “sacred prostitutes.”

We call this elation… I’ll be the good things in human life that you find good – You be all the good things in human life that I find good. And with this fantasy.. we get libido. We get aroused when we meet our fantasy.

How long does it take to shatter that fantasy and find out that you’ve been duped? People talk about “universal ” forces but really, it’s just their mind playing tricks and justifying their own corruption in selling their soul and becoming whatever they need to become to get what they want.

This is not a corruption. Nature has elation (fantasy of high pressure) and depression (fantasy of low pressure) and so there’s attraction (storms and hurricanes) in which it feels like the earth is changing and life has moved to a new and wonderful place..But at the end of it the illusion get’s shattered. The high (elation) becomes depression (the low – in the case of Nature) evaporates)

However, human nature has one small chink that nature doesn’t have to deal with. It is called free will.. the freedom to hold ideas in our mind. Nature doesn’t have that gift or that curse. Nature moves with the energy and forces of the universal laws. Human nature does too but because of free will, the freedom to think that we have a choice, we can fight nature.

In depression we are fighting. All nature is saying is “that high that you put that person on a pedestal – well it’s time to learn the truth… they are just a balance of character” the illusion would be shattered, we’d learn more love instead of infatuation and things would move on – we’d once again be attracted to a fantasy, (not the same one as before unless we’ve jumped without realisation, and on it goes.

Depression is in nature a balance of elations. Elations are just fantasies we have about things.. beliefs or hopes that, say, we’re going to meet a person who would never lie, never cheat, never hurt us… and yet, the fact that we have such a high expectation of another human makes them store their truth, store their honesty, store their mischief until one day, they reveal it. They reveal they are part of nature, they are a whole human, they are both good and bad, high and low, corrupt and honest. Suddenly the illusion (pedestal) we placed them on crashes to earth. And that’s depression.

The faster we learn to love that person (which until this moment we defined as elation and infatuation which means we didn’t really know them at all or didn’t want to know them) – the faster the depression goes away.

It takes a hammer and chisel to crack through those half stories, those false expectations about people because those hopes of meeting a half person form our identity. We want to be a “good” person and don’t always embrace our own fraudulent side. We don’t wrap ourselves in self love, so we can’t wrap others in it too.

Each situation that we face in a day can knock down pedestals or build up pits. (the opposite to depression is elation and sometimes we put people down and then wake up to the fact that they weren’t so bad) which equally can cause depression by throwing them up onto a pedestal after having put them down for a long time.

So, you see, depression can’t be avoided. You can choose however, whether you have it daily, monthly, yearly, or one big chunk every five to seven years… It’s all about your daily practices. Ignore the daily discipline of the Innerwealth process and depression is going to get chunky. Simply, the pleasure of living in ignorance is offset by the pain of a big wake up call down the road. Or the pain of daily routine in love, is balanced by the daily depression that every human has every trait.