The Linden Method Review for Anxiety and Depression Disorders and Attacks

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What is the History of the Linden Method?

The Linden method was developed by a man named Charles Linden. He had dealt with anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder since childhood. After trying traditional treatments with no success he decided to develop his own system.

After years of research and study Linden found a way to deal with his own anxiety disorders.

The method has worked for thousands people over a period of two decades. It has the highest success rate (97%) of any method sold on the internet.

How does the Linden Method Work?

This method is not simply an eBook that you read or an audio that you listen to once. The system works by retraining your brain.

By using the methods explained you will learn to replace your feelings of anxiety with feeling of safety and calmness.

The method is built around the “nine pillars” that Linden used to cure his own anxiety problems.

While researching panic attacks and other anxiety disorders; Linden discovered that anxiety is controlled by the amygdale which is a part of the brain. When stress occurs the amygdale responds. It is then de-activated when the stressful situation if gone.

However, for some people the amygdale does not return to the normal state.

The Linden method explains how you can train your brain to deactivate the amygdale and return to a calm or non-anxious mode. An in-depth psychological explanation of this is given in easy to understand terms.

To truly deal with your stress or panic attacks it is vital to understand what triggers them and what happens in your body as well as your brain.

The Linden method uses techniques that actually reprogram your brain. It shows you how to completely eliminate unwarranted anxiety and stress.

How is the Linden Method different from other methods?

One of the major differences of this method is that it is all natural. You will not be asked to take medications that can produce dangerous side-effects.

As we discussed earlier, to treat anxiety problems requires using a variety of techniques that all work together.

This is how the Linden Method excels compared to other systems that use only one technique. Many of the other systems are effective for a few people but not for others. This is because different people require different types of techniques.

Also, some systems will work for a short term solution. They show you how to temporarily reduce the symptoms of a panic or anxiety attack. But they don’t really teach you how to actually change how you perceive or eliminate stress.

The Linden Method teaches you principles that you can use in your day to day life so you literally replace anxiety with positive thoughts. You will learn how to stop an anxiety attack before it starts.

You will no longer give in to obsessive thoughts but learn how to live in a more relaxed and happier frame of mind.

Another aspect of the program is learning how your physical fitness is an important part of your emotional state.

Does the Linden Method help with any social disorder problems besides anxiety attacks?

Yes. One of the major advantages with this system is that it helps with many types of problems. It has helped people deal with OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder, PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder), panic attacks, social anxiety disorders, and many other issues.

What I liked most about the method:

The Linden method is explained in a clear, concise way that makes it easy for anyone to understand. The techniques are easy to apply to everyday life.

I loved the fact that the method was not just an eBook to read. I felt the audio programs and visualization techniques bring the method from theory to real life practicality.

The on-going support is another facet of this method that I did not see offered with many other programs.

This is not a new system. I value the fact that it has been helping other people with anxiety disorders for over twenty years. It is not theory based. It’s been effectively used by many people with a 97% success rate.

Finally, the method is all natural. It does not require taking drugs and medications that can cause dependencies and serious side-effects. This makes the Linden Method completely safe.

Possible Problems with the Linden Method

No one method is perfect — including the Linden Method. Change does not come quickly or easily to anyone. If you’re looking for an overnight cure this method is not for you. While you can see results quickly, they won’t be immediate. Nor will they be without some effort on your part. Most people start seeing results after about a month if they use the techniques described in the method consistently.

People will respond differently to various techniques. The Linden Method might not work as well for everyone.

The Linden Method is not the cheapest product you’ll find on the market for fighting anxiety disorders or panic attacks. It is however the most effective and the best value for the money. But you will need to be serious enough about changing your life that you’re willing to make an investment in your future.

Though the Linden method gives you the information and skills to change your situation; you must provide your own motivation. It is not a quick fix.


Of all the methods out there the Linden Method has had the best long-term results. It requires work but the overall outcome is well worth the effort.