Simple 5 W’s of Stress

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Stress is natural force that affects the individual. Stress is a fact of nature.

It is simply stated as that. From a biological standpoint, stress is either a negative, positive, or neutral experience. But we usually think of it negatively in our modern lives. The factor that causes stress is called a stressor.

Stress-causing factors could be internal, which includes our nutrition, and emotional well-being. The external factors are what we know so well. The expectations, frustrations and complications that we are faced with day to day. I know how it feels…and I recognize my stressors or identify if I am the stressor with these simple 5 W’s.

What: Your job, relationship, home, expectations, challenges and things that are specifically stressful to you.

Who: Your irritable boss, nosy neighbor, cheating partner, dysfunctional family, and other people that are just difficult top put up with.

When: You are trying to please the in-laws, you are having wedding jitters, you have butterflies in the stomach before an important presentation. These are situations which may already be stress starting to play, but still it is causing you more stress.

Where: You may be stressed out in the gym, your office or any workplace. There are just some places that lets your spirit down. These are usually interrelated with the who, what, and when.

Why? Yes, the question WHY. Why am I confronted with these things? Why am I feeling stressed? Why am I not dealing with it optimistically? We often wonder a lot. We wonder what if, and we wonder why.