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A certified nursing aide is a direct patient care worker, who provides daily routine cares to long-term care patients with chronic illness, injuries and disabilities, and assist them with activities of daily livings (ADL) such as bathing, feeding, grooming, toileting, dressing, walking and more. CNAs gain necessary acumen and skills to serve the residents through the state-approved Nurse Aide Training Program. The training program is specifically developed by the different state’s health departments in order to train nurse aides in direct patient care. The OBRA-87 legislation also mandates nurse aides to complete a CNA training program, and pass the competency examination to be eligible to work in approved, and licensed facilities.

The nursing students can complete their CNA training programs in different ways. They can enroll in a technical institute, vocational school, community college, trade school, long-term care facility, American Red Cross Class, or Online CNA Classes for their nursing assistant education. Although, both online and regular CNA classes are appropriate for nursing education, there are still certain differences between the traditional and online classes.

Regular classes Vs Online Classes

  1. Regular CNA programs are campus based schools and colleges. The theoretical instructions and clinical hands-on experience are provided through the classrooms and long-term care facilities respectively. The classes are run at a fixed- time schedule, day, evening or night, and at a permanent location. The ratio of students and teachers are fixed for both the classroom education and clinical training. The physical presence of the instructors and students throughout the training period allow face-to-face discourse and interaction with each other.
  2. Online CNA Classes are internet based training programs and conducted online through a computer with a Broad Band connection. There is no fixed-time schedule for attending the classes. The classes are open 24 x 7 days. The students from any part of the world can attend the training programs at their free leisurely hours, any time, day or night. The students and teachers ratio are also not fixed, and there is also no location problem because any number of students from any corner of the world can attend online classes through a computer.

Although, both Regular and online classes are popular among the nursing students, the attraction toward online classes is increasing day-by-day. The basic reasons for the wider acceptance of online nursing assistant classes among the student population can be summed up as follows:

  1. The flexible time schedules of online classes are most ideal for working professionals, people with a tight work schedule or family commitments because they can attend online classes at their free hours, without disturbing their busy schedules.
  2. The students staying in faraway and distant places, and not able to attend campus based programs due to distance and location problems can easily attend internet CNA education through a computer.
  3. The course curriculum of both regular and online nurse aide classes is same.
  4. Internet classes are open 24 x 7 x 365 days. Nursing students just have to browse the training provider’s online site anytime, day or night to attend the classes.
  5. Online instructions are provided through notes, videos, images and assignments.

Online CNA Classes Disadvantages

Online CNA Classes are also, not without any cons. There are also certain disadvantages of Internet classes including the students lack physical interactions with their teachers, and they are not aware of online lectures and instructions quality. Majority internet classes do not provide clinical training arrangements. The students will have to arrange clinical hands-on experience on their own in a local hospital, or long-term care facility. Many states do not approve and recognize online nursing classes, and only certify these graduating students with a certification who successfully complete their trainings through approved schools and colleges. Many online training providers are fake and enrolling and attending these phony classes may waste your training costs and valuable time.

The only solution for overcoming these shortcomings is to verify online classes, find out their accreditation and credential, lectures quality, and clinical training arrangements. Applicants can read different online CNA classes reviews on Internet fir its authentication and discuss the quality of the classes on online forums. They can also find out about these classes through the past nursing assistant students who may have completed online CNA classes.