If You Have Diabetes – You’ve Been Lied Too!

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If you are taking drugs for your Type II diabetes, are you experiencing any side effects? Have you studies the long terms effects of taking the drugs that the doctors have prescribed for you? If you doctor has told you “Yes there are side effect, but don’t worry about it”, that’s really not the whole truth.

Someday soon diabetes type II could be wiped out and it won’t be because of the drugs. Remember that doctors want to prescribe to treat the symptoms and they are not trained to overcome it, i.e. treat it successfully which means to eliminate all diabetes from your body. Prevention is also possible with a certain combination of all natural supplements.

Unfortunately the pharmaceutical companies have a lock on the doctors. Doctors are not trained in the years of medical schooling about natural supplements. Therefore they (the doctors) are really not qualified to consult with you about supplements.

My personal experience with my doctor is that whenever I mention supplement that is little known like salacia oblonga, they have no idea what I am talking. Even if I say to the doctor, “Doc did you know that cinnamon will mimic human insulin?” I am pretty sure the doc will get a dazed look and say “What?, I don’t know anything about that.” So this article is meant to let you know what your doctor does not know.

Cinnamon contains a powerful nutrient called Methyl Hydroxy Chalcone Polymer aka MHCP. This is not your normal cinnamon that you might buy in your local supermarket. The way it works is: Cinnamon’s methyl-hydroxy chalcone polymer makes fat cells more responsive to insulin and reduce blood glucose. The dosage is: Daily add up to a teaspoon of cinnamon to beverages or cereal.- but this is a special cinnamon, not your supermarket cinnamon.

Originally in 2002 a cinnamon supplement was not available and if you found an organic cinnamon the dosage would be excessive, like from half to one heaped teaspoon a day to get the desired effect. When you start taking cinnamon at those levels, it has potential side-effects of bronchial constriction, skin rashes, and inflammation. The specific variety of cinnamon needed is one called Cinnulin PF. With diabetes, either the body doesn’t produce enough insulin or the cells resist it. The sugar remains in the blood, builds up to higher and higher levels, and ultimately starts damaging protein-based tissue and organs of which the kidney is one. The cinnamon variety Cinnulin PF helps control the pancreas – blood sugar ratio and triggers receptor sensitivity to insulin and which is the prime the receptor for glucose uptake.

Cinnulin PF is a patented cinnamon extract that operates at the cellular and molecular levels. If you have enough cinnamon every day, you can actually increase your body’s insulin response threefold. That’s 300 per cent and that’s great! The cinnamon extract must have an aqueous extract, processed without solvents, that isolates the active Type A Polymers and virtually eliminates unwanted compounds often found in other cinnamon extracts. Type A Polymers are the bioactive compounds shown to be responsible for Cinnamon’s insulin potentiating properties. Clinical studies have shown Cinnamon may assist with glucose control and decreases fasting glucose levels when taken consistently.

An excellent supplement would include cinnulin PF 250mg, glucose support compound 250mg, Bioaccelelators 23mg. The supplement must not contain any yeast, sugar, salt, starch, corn, wheat, gluten, soy, dairy, artificial colors or preservatives. A supplement that contains grape seed extract and fenugreek extract would provide additional benefits for the control of insulin to prevent type II diabetes.

It may be necessary to combine two supplement products from two supplement manufacturers in order to have a complete range of supplement nutrition.