How Does the Terrell Owens Bodylastics Resistance Bands Compare to Free Weights?

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Why does it seem that some people have a problem understanding that resistance from resistance bands is not that much different than from free weights? In this article I want to answer the question “How Does the Terrell Owens Bodylastics resistance bands compare to free weights?”

Two recent university studies have shown that resistance band training is not for wimps. The universities of Wisconsin – La Crosse and Truman State University confirmed what many strength athletes already knew, that strength training with exercise bands works.

The study utilized 10 trained male and female subjects. The results of the studies that were reported in the “Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research” revealed that when the subjects did squats with the bands, they had 24% more leg power then when they did the squats without the bands.

The same conclusion was shared by the Truman State study. Their study was performed on a group of trained athletes who performed bench presses twice a week for five weeks. One group did free weight bench presses and the other group used elastic bands. The group using the resistance bands training increased their Max bench press significantly greater than the group just using free weights training.

Terrell Owens Bodylastics Resistance Bands in the Gym

T0 bands help increase your strength because they provide linear variable resistance. What that means is that by using the Terrel Owens Bodylastics bands the resistance continues to increase through the range of motion on the positive part of the rep.

Let me give you an example using the bench press, as you press the resistance bands further away from your chest the more resistance the bands provide. This forces your muscles to provide more force towards the top of the press by recruiting more muscle fibers. As a result, you grow stronger because you are forced to push harder at your weakest point.

If you really want to try resistance band training, you can’t just use any elastic bands. You need a serious set, like the ones Terrell Owens uses. So go ahead and get a great Bodylastics workout.

In conclusion, using the Terrel Owens Bodylastics resistance bands you can obtain the same if not greater benefits that working out with free weights. That’s not my opinion, it’s scientific fact!