How Carbohydrate Derived Fulvic Acid Revitalizes Your Whole Body

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The relatively unknown CHD-FA is instrumental to the human body. The benefits of this mineral is unnerving. And to not know whether you are actually getting enough of something so vital can make one a bit uncomfortable. Let’s just explore the differences between fulvic acid and CHD-FA (carbohydrate fulvic acid). Then on to discuss whether your body should be supplemented with it.

CHD-FA. Looks complicated, but becomes more manageable if we break it down to its bare-bone meaning. CHD stands for carbohydrate. Carbohydrates an oganic compound that is broken down by the body to release energy, they include breads, sugar and potatoes. FA stands for fulvic acid. It’s not a real acid, but represents acidic foods such as vinegar or lemon juice. When we put it all together CHD-FA is a fulvic acid whose source is a carbohydrate.

Fulvic acid is a complex bioactive substance derived from the decomposition of living matter. It can change, molecularly combine and act with other organic and inorganic matter. One important point about fulvic acid is that it has antioxidant, antifungal and antibacterial properties.

Ageing and inflammation is the result of free-radicals in the body. Free radicals disrupt cells by taking electrons from other molecules. The damage caused is oxidative and damaging and speeds up the ageing process by placing wear and tear on the body’s cells.

This amazing acid has been reported to slow the onset of ageing due to its anti-inflammatory qualities. Inflammation is a response of tissues when cells are damaged.The tissues attempt to protect themselves by removing the harmful stimulant and repairing itself. Though an irritant, inflammation allows a wound to heal. If left unchecked inflammation can lead to common ailments such as rheumatoid arthritis, dermatitis and hay fever.

CHD-FA has been show in studies to be an anti-inflammatory due to it’s ability to quash signalling proteins that participate in the body’s inflammatory response. CHD-FA also neutralises free radicals by increasing movement to the damaged tissues.

Carbohydrate derived fulvic acid does not the contain pesticides, heavy metals or contaminants found in other types of fulvic acid. It has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties that can aid individuals suffering from diseases as debilitating as arthritis to irritants like gingivitis. Why hasn’t this organic acid caught the public eye is yet to be seen. Thankfully, CHD-FA is not difficult to administer, simply add to one’s diet as a supplement and feel your body bounce back to its youthful self.