Happiness Is Self Expression

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Perhaps the times in which we all live, at least in the free western world, are the most self expressive times in which humans have ever lived. With all the social media that is available, a person could express himself or herself endlessly.

One popular social media site has suggested recently that if one were to watch the videos it presently has in store, end to end, it would take more than 1800 years to watch them all. Of course, by the time you finished watching the videos available today, there might be another 1800 years worth uploaded and ready for viewing.

But what’s the big deal about self-expression through videos and other social media? Self expression obviously comes from the self. Self expression is part of self actualization. We express what we feel inside. We act out, literally, in this case.

And there comes a time in your life when you are happy within and you feel the need to express that happiness. Please see the word “need.” When you are happy within, there is a compulsion to express that happiness in some form. Happiness is self expression.

To express yourself in these circumstances is not a passing impulse or whim. It is a requirement of the well-being of your self. The feelings of well-being and grace are so great within you that you must declare them.

If not, if you do not express them in some form, social media or otherwise, they become bottled up inside. Even if they are positive feelings of happiness, those bottled up feelings can begin to stagnant and depress your well-being. Any feeling that is not acknowledged and then released, negative or positive, can cause a negative pressure on your well-being.

It is as if happiness is a river flowing through you. In order for the river to be fully itself, to flow freely, it must continue to flow. Too little water added to the flow of the river and it may soon dry up and become nothing more than dust-puddles.

Self expression is a need we all have. It keeps life flowing. Some will express themselves in gardening or writing or painting or child rearing. But to keep happiness well and alive within you, you need to convey it by letting it flow through you. You need to self express.

Make happiness a current within and through you to the world in which you live. You will be happier for it. You will be healthier for it. Get to it.