Getting Help for Hemorrhoids With a Fear of Doctors or Iatrophobia

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Getting help for hemorrhoids with a fear of doctors is physically and emotionally exhausting. These growths also called piles are formed when a swollen vein or group of veins in and around the rectum and anus become highly inflamed.

This results in either a person developing a case of internal or external hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoids form inside of the rectal cavity. An internal hemorrhoid that becomes prolapsed is one that extends outside of the rectum, which makes it extremely painful.

External piles form outside of the anus. You will be able to feel the inflamed growth. When severely inflamed an external hemorrhoid can feel like a hard lump of tissue. Common hemorrhoid symptoms are chronic anal itch, burning pain and often times bleeding.

Getting help for most pile sufferers is simple as scheduling an appointment with their doctor who will provide a treatment and cure that eliminates the hemorrhoids. This can be done with medicated hemorrhoidal ointment, laser surgery, banding or other medical solutions.

When getting help for hemorrhoids can become a nightmare is for people who have an extreme fear of doctors or iatrophobia. The fear of doctors is common for many people. However, iatrophobia is a full-blown phobia that goes beyond normal anxiety.

I learned about getting help for hemorrhoids with a fear of doctors this last month when my favorite aunt discovered she had small external pile growing. She’s in her 60’s and in overall good health. She has had to battle panic attacks and anxiety since she was in her 30’s.

I had no idea she also suffered from a fear of doctors that is such a powerful phobia to her that she rarely sees one unless it is very serious. My aunt’s iatrophobia is unique because she only feels heightened anxiety when she visits her psychiatrist who prescribed Prozac and Ativan to help her anxiety disorder issues.

My aunt told me the setting of the psychiatrist’s office doesn’t make her feel as anxious. It’s not like being in a doctor’s office or in a hospital surrounding. Going to see a doctor or taking tests in a hospital setting will cause her to have massive panic attacks where she has to leave the building. She has to get out of there or she feels like she’s going to have a heart attack.

I stressed to her that getting help for hemorrhoids was important. Left untreated they only get worse causing more serious health risks like a serious infection. They don’t go away if people ignore them. They will only get worse over time.

Her fear of doctors was stronger than the agonizing itch, chronic pain and bleeding she was going through with her hemorrhoidal condition. Even my father, who is her older brother wasn’t able to talk her into seeing a doctor. We were at standstill. My aunt is one the nicest people you’ll ever meet, but her iatrophobia left us searching for alternative solutions. She was not going to see a doctor unless it was life or death.

Not wanting to get to personal my mother was the one that looked at the size of my aunt’s external hemorrhoid. It turned out be fairly small, which was a good sign. She was clearly in pain when she walked or sat down. My aunt always enjoyed taking her dog for long walks, but now she was in pain just walking to the bathroom. Sad sight to see when I always saw her active around her house.

If she wasn’t going to see a doctor I would at least recommend a few hemorrhoid relief options that would make her life easier for now. I recommended two sitz bath treatments a day for 10 to 15 minutes each.

Sitz bath treatments have been used to successfully for centuries as hemorrhoid relief.

A person submerges their anal region into a sitz bath basin that has warm water and natural healing ingredients.

Sitz bath treatments soothe anal itch and pain away. It helps to stop bleeding as well. The healing properties of sitz bath formulas are well-known to reduce swelling and in some cases actually shrink hemorrhoids. This treatment is amazing for relief and rejuvenation of damaged anal tissue.

As a contributing writer for a health blog we get many positive emails about the healing powers of 7 kinds of traditional Chinese herbal medicines found in some organic ointments that are holistic remedies. Mother Nature provides many natural cures to all kinds of ailments we face. It is truly amazing what awesome healing properties are found in plants and roots.

People have shared that these healthy alternatives to medicated pads provides better relief from itching, burning, and discomfort, but also in some cases hemorrhoids have been cured naturally. Many Western medicines have their roots in traditional all-natural cures used by people who live off the land.

Some people have very sensitive skin and even more so when it comes to delicate tissue in and around the rectum and anus. Medicated pads can sometimes be too harsh and make the condition worse by creating more irritation. The skin becomes more inflamed and painful after the treatment. This increases the itching, pain and bleeding.

Chinese herbal ointments clears away nagging heat and damaged toxic skin material, removes the unhealthy putrid tissues and stimulates healthy new tissue growth. It can be used to relieve chronic hemorrhoidal pain, reduce anal inflammation, and shrink the formations and to heal anal fissures.

Then I suggested to my aunt to invest in a quality hemorrhoid cushion. There cannot be enough good things said about how much better it is to sit on a cushion that is designed especially for hemorrhoid sufferers.

Having the proper support when seated increases comfort greatly and helps promote healing. Sitting supported promotes good blood flow and proper circulation in the rectal region of the body.

My aunt never went to see a doctor about her health issue.

She got lucky that the sitz bath treatments, Chinese herbal ointment and a hemorrhoid cushion helped her body’s natural healing powers shrink the growth until it was gone. That normally does not happen for everyone. Only for the lucky ones where the body seems to only need a little boost to heal itself.

All though people have found non-traditional cures that work to remove this health problem that millions get each year. It is still always strongly recommended that you seek medical attention for any hemorrhoidal condition. My aunt’s iatrophobia could have led to serious complications and may have required surgery to cure her health issue.

It is a serious risk not seeking a medical opinion even if you want to use an organic all-natural healing approach. Speaking to a doctor is the best course of action you can take. I’m also a realist and completely understand that not all people have access to medical care or can’t bring themselves to see a doctor like in my aunt’s situation.

If you absolutely don’t have access to medical care, can’t afford it or suffer from iatrophobia please at least seek out alternative treatments. Wishing them away never works. Taking any action is better than no action.

Getting help for hemorrhoids with a fear of doctors is tough, but must be overcome to get proper medical care. Thankfully there are healthy remedies available online that sometimes can save a person a trip to the doctor.