Effects That Air Pollution Has on the Environment and on Our Health

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Air pollution has not always been a problem, but during the last decade, air pollution facts show us the environment is more and more affected by the toxins and chemicals which are released in the air. Studies have also shown that pollution is the cause of millions of death and that our health is dramatically affected by it. Studies have shown that each year, 800,000 people die each year because of air pollution. Specialists say that air pollution is the only environmental threat to our health and that things will be worse in the future.

There are many diseases provoked by the pollution and some of the most common ones are asthma, cancer, bronchitis, lung problems, pneumonia and many more. Air pollution is a big problem for many organizations. Air pollution is affecting our environment and many disasters have taken place because of it. This is why most non governmental organizations try to fight it and try to find the best solutions for protecting the planet. Still, not many are responding and this is why the problem cannot be solved too fast. There still are millions of companies which do not control the chemicals and toxins that they release even if they know that they harm the environment and the animals and people as well.

Our health is the most affected of all by the pollution and medical experts have tried to find solutions for decades. Until now, the only solution which is able to fight the impact that the air pollution has on our health is the nutritional cleansing. Body cleansing is more than necessary because it helps our body eliminate the toxins.

The best we can do is try to stop pollution. The best we can do is to look for solutions and methods of reducing the air pollution: we should try to avoid using our cars too often, try to plant trees and as many plants as we can, try to quit smoking, save energy and the most important of all, we should try to recycle more than we do. All these methods should help us reduce the toxins that we release in the air. Even if there are many companies which produce much more chemicals than we do, the first step is to convince other people that our plant needs us and that we should all fight together in order to succeed.