Diet Tips to Lower Blood Sugar Level

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Planning a proper diet for a diabetic patient is necessary. Diet plays an integral part to control diabetes. You can plan out your diabetic diet plan from a dietician or from your doctor. This special diet for diabetes may have combination of insulin dose along with other food intake or only proper food consumption so as to nurture body with vitamins and minerals or of oral hypoglycemic drugs. The diabetic diet is planned taking into consideration the body weight. The diet is planned accordingly so as to maintain your weight and consuming food that is nutritious and healthy. The diet is drafted according to weight, height, physical activity, sex, age and type of diabetes.

The dietician should be well aware of other complications such as cholesterol and high blood pressure levels. Similarly there will be a food intake chart which will be designed according to amount of carbohydrates, fibers, proteins, vitamins, etc in each food item. Exchange meal plan is the best diet program for diabetes. In this program a balanced diet for intake of carbohydrates is planned out so as to maintain the proper sugar level in the body. Glucose is extracted from carbohydrate. So it is necessary to maintain the intake of carbohydrate so as to control the bold sugar level in your body. All food items which contain carbohydrates are separated and given a value for each portion. This is exchange.

Proper intake of food items is necessary according to the level of carbohydrates present in it. Excluding carbohydrates food items do contain some energy level. Glucose is also extracted from proteins and fats. This affects the blood sugar level in the body. This bloody sugar level has to be maintained. Proper checking should be done from time to time so as to maintain this blood sugar level. Hence, intake of nutritious and low calorie food is necessary.