Diablo 3 Witch Doctor Leveling Build – Early Levels Mastery

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Throughout the following Witch Doctor Leveling Build, we will take a look at the best leveling spells and abilities to choose during the early stages of Diablo 3.

The witch doctor class has a wide range of assorted skills to use throughout the leveling process. They possess a myriad of very powerful AOE attacks as well as quite the menagerie of vicious pets and minions to call upon. While leveling, this character class will be making use of their pets to attack their foes and keep themselves out of harms way. Meanwhile, the witch doctor will be able to use their extremely powerful AOE abilities to annihilate their enemies while they’re distracted by pets.

The Witch Doctor has 3 types of skills. The first group are abilities that stem from the Physical Realm, the second are abilities that come from the Spirit Realm and the third type are command abilities, or summoning skills.

Once you hit level 10, you should be using the skills below:

The first active witch doctor skill to grab is Poison Dart, an ability in the Physical Realm.

Poison Dart deals 100% poison damage to your target and puts a DoT, or “damage over time”, on your enemy that deals another 80% damage over two seconds. This is a powerful single-target ability but not so great for multiple targets. Poison Dart costs 295 mana.

The second active witch doctor skill you should use is Plague of Toads, also an ability used in the Physical Realm.

Plague of Toads calls upon a deadly pack of toads that hop around and do 130% poison damage to any foe they touch. This is a great AOE ability for larger groups of enemies. Plague of Toads has a fairly hefty mana requirement of 355 mana.

The third active witch doctor skill you will want to pick up is called Summon Zombie Dogs, a Command skill.

Summon Zombie Dogs is the first Command ability you’ll be pickup up. This skill summons three dogs that do 9% of your weapon damage to enemies every time they attack. This may not seem like much damage, but remember that each dog is doing 9% for a total of 27% and this is all happening in addition to your regular attacks. Ultimately, it’s a pretty substantial damage boost only costing 295 mana.

The first passive witch doctor skill you are going to use is called Vermin. Vermin increases the damage of your Plague of Toads (as well as Corpse Spiders, Firebats, and Locust Swarm) by 20%. More damage = better. Grab it.

By level 10, you’re probably starting to get the hang of using your voodoo and minions to lay waste to your foes. While the skills and abilities I have outlined may be very efficient in helping you to level quickly, you may find that there are other skills that you would rather use simply because you find them more fun to use. That is perfectly fine!

Remember that the most important component of fast leveling is consistency and that is best achieved by having enough fun so that the hours seem to fly by!