Dermaceutic Is Your Skincare Doctor For Positive Results!

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The skin is the largest organ in our body and therefore requires a lot of care to ensure that we remain protected against both external and internal risks. The external risks arise out of repeated exposure to bad weather conditions, pollution, and use of cheap cosmetics and so on. The internal risks come about due to improper lifestyle, diet and stress. These have an adverse effect on the skin and the first areas they show up are on the face.

Signs of ageing, a haggard look and listless eyes, not to mention acne breakout, skin blemishes and dark shadows are all manifestations of the above mentioned risks that all of us are constantly being subjected to.

Fortunately, the advance of science and skin care has made available a number of cosmetic and therapeutic skin care products that are able to efficiently mask these irregularities and also bring about a systemic change in the health of our skin.

One of the developments in this regard is the usage of skin peels and the Dermaceutic range of face peels have been at the forefront for a number of years, mainly because of the excellent revitalization effects they are able to provide. These peels work by rejuvenating, stimulating and protecting the skin areas where they are used.

So what are these Dermaceutic peels and how do they work?

Face and skin related Dermaceutic peels are basically exfoliators that work by stimulating the skin pores to open. The curative or medical properties of the peels then get into the skin and helps in freshening up the skin to ensure that fine wrinkles, pigmented spots and melasma are effectively masked. You thus get the benefits of fresh looking skin that appears radiant and that in turn rubs off on your self confidence as well.

The question is then what kind of skin peels should you go for?

Now there are many chemical peels available for the face and skin. The common chemical peels contain TCA, glycolic acid, phenols and other such ingredients. These help in getting rid of lesions and other fine lines. The TCA peels for instance work at a more superficial level than some of the deep phenol peels. You only need to keep the peels on for about 20-25 minutes and there is no discomfort caused at all except for some stinging sensations that you are likely to feel. The line of treatment recommended for such peels is about 7-10 days and the result is quite favourable.

The old skin gets peeled off and the new one appears much cleaner with very few blemishes. The fine lines especially around the lower eyelids get masked and it is recommended that you do these TCA peels every quarter. However, care should be taken to get them done by a practicing professional.

Dermaceutic peels are of different types. You may use gentle, deep, depigmentation and rejuvenation types depending on your skin type and the extent of exfoliation you require.