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CNA careers in Maine are very common choice. With the building economy in a slump and other local industries going down, becoming a certified nurse assistance is seems to be a great employment opportunity. Not only does becoming a Nurses Aide give you plenty of employment options but it also gives you a new beginning in the medical field, which if played right can lead to other positions, such as a Registered Nurse, Certified Nurse Midwife and Nurse Practitioner. Online CAN courses can be done from the comfort of your own home.

Maine Training Options:

· CNA programs in Maine are offered at community and technical colleges, in nursing homes and Job Corps programs. The American Red Cross also offers a nurse aide training course. Some nursing homes offer CNA training, free of cost as an incentive to retain CNAs after they graduate. CNAs must work a certain amount of hours after graduating from the facility. Contact your local nursing home to see if they offer this type of program.

Maine Schools:

· Trade schoolsoffer CNA training programs which prepare students to take the state certified nurse assistant exam. The class is 90 hours long and has 70 hours of clinical training and 20 hours of training in a health care facility. This training must be under supervision of a LP or registered nurse.

· Maine Medical Center offers an excellent state approved 200 hours CNA program which comprises class work, skills lab training and clinical rotations. The course takes 11 weeks to complete and the hospital covers complete cost of course and books. At some point during the course, students take the State Certification Examination.

Online Options

· CNA online courses are for people who are not able to attend regular class times because of other restraints such as employment. The Maine Department of Health and Human Services can tell you if more education is needed before taking the Maine competency exam. Most courses will provide adequate training for completion of the test.

Certification Information:

· After completing a state approved CNA program, a student must take the State Certification Examination which is in two parts, a written exam and a skills demonstration exam.

Nurse’s Aide Registry Requirements:

· After passing the State Examination, a CNA must apply to have their name listed on the Maine State CNA registry. The state of Maine allows a CNA to work in a nursing home up to 4 months in a long-term care facility while fulfilling requirements for getting on the CNA registry. In order to maintain CNA certification, you must provide proof of working 8 hours under the supervision of a nurse or RN in 2 years. You can read more about these requirements online or at your local DHS office.