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ChaLEAN Extreme is an extreme circuit training program created by Chalene Johnson. Chalene uses a three phase system for creating lean muscle to burn the fat off. ChaLEAN Extreme is circuit training program that is great for all levels, from beginner to advance.

ChaLEAN Extreme uses the Lean Phasing system to create beautiful lean muscle. Who is the Lean Phasing system created for? Chalene Johnson created this system to help those who have inspired her. With ChaLEAN Extreme you don’t have to starve yourself to lose weight. In fact you MUST eat. You must eat to feed the muscle and to burn the fat. To everyone who every wanted a program that delivered results every 30 days. For people who have lifted weights for years but still look the same. And for those who can’t do high impact cardio but want to burn the fat, this workout program was created for everyone.

You might be wondering how a program can work for both the obese beginner and the person who has been lifting weights for years and both get great results? Because as long as you are lifting at your heaviest possible you WILL see results, whether that is 5 pounds or 25 pounds, each person simply must lift heavy and slow. The ChaLEAN Extreme three phase system is designed show beginners how to lift and to give the advanced a proven system that will not only ignite their metabolism as well but also reshape their bodies too.

And unlike most cardio only programs you will not lose muscle while you lose weight and burn the fat. This is a proven system to help build lean muscle and to burn the fat at the same time. Each phase is precisely designed to take you from flab to fit in three months. Many people lose up to 60% of their body fat by the end of the third phase.