The 5 Mistakes Most People Make On The Dukan Diet


The Dukan Diet is one of the fastest growing new diets. With so many people in a hurry to get started and experience the fast weight loss and low hunger program it’s possible that just a few will make mistakes in their haste to lose weight. In this article I will be looking at the …

Similarities Between the Sonoma, Atkins and South Beach Diet


The Sonoma diet is made up of three phases, what they call ‘waves’. Two of these phases are pretty much similar to some of the Atkin’s diet and South Beach phases.

The first phase of the diet is called the Introduction and it’s very similar to phase 1 of the Atkins and the South Beach …

Introduction to Hormone Replacement Therapy


An imbalance of hormones can cause a range of psychological and physiological symptoms. People generally produce fewer hormones as they age, and hormonal deficiencies may also result from environmental and nutritional factors. Restoring hormones to their proper balance often improves a person’s health and overall happiness. Physicians achieve this goal with hormone replacement therapy (HRT), …

Yeast Diet – What You Eat Can Provide a Yeast Infection Remedy


What is Candida?

The yeast diet is designed to help you cure candida. Candida is a yeast infection that is most often associated with the vaginal area. Candida can appear other places as well. It often shows up in the mouth. This is referred to as thrush. It is difficult to eat when you have …

Is Medifast a Nutritionally Sound Diet?


The Medifast diet program was created over 27 ago, as a healthy and nutritionally sound diet plan to be followed while under supervision of a physician. It was prescribed by doctors to overweight patients, with their progress tracked by weekly visits. Since it has become available to the public, and sold online, people have questions …

B Vitamins Play an Essential Role in Metabolism


B vitamins were once thought of as a single vitamin called Vitamin B. After much research, we discovered there are actually 8 distinct vitamins. Further research has also concluded that B vitamins are water soluble, which means that they are easily excreted out of the body and therefore must be consistently consumed through our diet. B Vitamins have often …