Stress Is the Killer


Nature-Based Virtual Reality content is an innovative and unique methodology that decreases stress and anxiety levels, without using toxic drug therapies.

STRESS is the killer. We know that by reducing stress and anxiety recovery periods for patients within therapeutic facilities are shortened, whether the diagnosis reflects physiological or psychological imbalances. If you thought it was …

Different Types of Depression – Six Common Categories


According to common categorization, there are six different types of depression, which range from relatively mild to severe. Following is a description of each of them.

1. Major (or clinical) depression

This type of depression is what many people normally know about. This is the classic depression or what is often referred to as …

6 Smart Ways to Fight Depression, Stress, and Anxiety for Living Better


Depression, stress, and anxiety are common yet serious problems that most of the men and women of our society are suffering from these days!

It starts with restlessness and end up ruining your life in every possible way. Loss of energy, loss of self-esteem and isolation from the society are some of the symptoms that …

Chakra Balancing the Reiki Way


Chakra is very best described as one’s everyday living drive power. It is our physical, psychological and religious self. We absorb electrical power all over us when at the similar time transmit vitality again into the universe.

In essence there are 7 principal chakras in the entire body. They operate by means of the central …

Andrea Yates and Post Partum Depression


Can postpartum depression become so invasive as to cause a mother to kill her children? Since this very rarely happens, many scoff at the prospect. Interestingly enough, postpartum psychosis was first recognized as a disorder as far back as 1850. According to Pregnancy Infonet, (2007), studies on the rates of the disorder have shown that …

Gynecologist Queens NY Treats Gynecological Conditions 


Gynecologists are certified OB/ GYN physicians working cooperatively to provide the best possible care for women from puberty to menopause. The gynecologist also offers the best obstetrical and gynecological care from checkups and surgical inventions. A gynecologist is an expert in general obstetrics and gynecological care, Hysteroscopy, and Colposcopy. Gynecologists also provide specialty services that …