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Astrology and Cell Salts Biochemistry

In this chaotic and materialistic earth we can thank Dr. George W. Carey for providing us a priceless crucial to psychological and bodily overall health. He wrote a tiny reserve entitled “The Relation of the Mineral Salts of the Overall body to the Signs of the Zodiac” circa 1900.

The heritage of all human beings on the planet is perfection best overall health. Our solar process just entered the age of Aquarius, which is the human indication. The indicator of the real truth about gentleman. This is the age of reality. Only reality matters not views. Know the truth of the matter and the reality shall established you cost-free. Know the truth and recover by yourself. The approach vital to the attainment of perfection was presented to us by Dr. William Schuessler in his biochemic method of medication. The critical was equipped by Dr. Carey.

Dr. Schuesselr’s process supplies the blood with it is ingredient components. When the blood is chemically best, God-Electrical power enters the overall body. Deficiency indicates disorder, lack of simplicity, in harmony, or imperfection. A great supply of the right chemical features indicates best cells, a ideal brain, great considered, perfect functions, “perfection-a God-Guy!” Neitschze was proper … we are adult men gods. Most people today do not know that biochemistry is an historical sanskirt science. What goes about arrives all over.

Dr. Carey, in a weird and rare meditation ascribed to every sign of the zodiac a corresponding chemical element or salt. His e book is the most exclusive and precious function of the previous century. The mobile salts are a essential to actual physical regeneration and non secular illumination. His data is required to make or make the new person. The man for the age of Aquarius.

The revelation arrived to Dr. Carey in his “seventieth yr!” This revelation was that every of us is to make a new being of ourselves. We should all get the job done out our own salvation. And this salvation requires quite a few lifetimes. Persistence is the fruit of the gods.

Esoteric Astrology is the nobel science that synthesizes the physiological, anatomical, chemical and metaphysical facets of man.

The age of Aquarius is telling mankind to search upward or it will be pressured to do so.

The mobile salts, the system of physical regeneration is not of 1 daily life, a person incarnation, but of lots of. Be individual. But, get started now. He is gone but when the time is ripe and the astrological instant arrives which will produce the vibration vital for his reappearance in the objective, he will arrive forth once more in the physical manifestation to go on with his operate.

The age of Aquarius is offering us the regulations of quantum physics. The laws of quantum physics convey to us that there is no time in the infinite ocean of electricity known as the quantum ocean. There is no previous, current nor long term, only the now!” Every little thing that at any time was, is or will be is in the quantum ocean now.

Dr. Carey is there awaiting the time when he will blink out of the quantum ocean and into bodily fact. It is the blink that he and all of us have performed quite a few times… at the right time.