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Just one of the most widespread queries about online education for nurses is about the variation amongst CE, CEU, and CNE. This is a resource of confusion for equally new nurses and knowledgeable industry experts and the objective listed here is to clear this up when and for all.

Lots of folks try to use the phrases interchangeably. Even though just about every of these a few conditions do refer to continuing education and learning, they every suggest a little unique issues. The definitions are stated underneath:

CE – This is an abbreviation for continuing education and learning and is a basic term. It is not referring to any models of time or measurement, somewhat it is simply classifying the type of materials involved.

CEU – This is the abbreviation for continuing instruction unit and is perhaps the most misunderstood item in online instruction. Usually, this refers to 10 hours of product. Nonetheless, it is frequent to see program descriptions these types of as, “This study course is really worth 2 CEUs”. Whilst this would actually mean that the system is worth 20 hours, it is normally utilised to explain only 2 hours. Most state nursing boards are now pushing for the elimination of the term CEU owing to the sum of confusion that it has brought about. Each time you are searching for continuing schooling be absolutely sure that the company has clarified the precise amount of money of several hours (ideally they should use the term Make contact with Several hours).

A brief observe on the term “contact hrs” – make contact with hours can be described as 60 minutes (in some states they can be described as 50 minutes – but that is a distinctive dialogue completely) of studying materials. Typically, when referring to the duration of a continuing education and learning system the volume of hrs are referred to as get hold of several hours. For case in point: “This system is worth 1.5 get hold of several hours”.

CNE – This is an abbreviation for Continuing Nursing Instruction and refers to components that are distinct for nurses. It is a normal term and is not referring to a distinct total of several hours or some other form of measurement. Anytime probable, providers need to clearly recognize their classes as CNE when they are nursing certain varieties of continuing training. This can help keep away from confusion involving other clinical specialists.

In the finish, every single of these terms have their have distinctive definitions and utilizes. The on the web atmosphere has created a large vary of obtainable on the net continuing education alternatives for well being treatment suppliers and a performing information of these differing abbreviations can aid an particular person superior search via the multitude of possibilities.