A Hamburger and Pizza Are Considered High Protein Foods

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There is a lot of attention placed on high protein foods. They are considered the fuel for proper nutrition. It is true that your diet should contain a large amount of protein, regardless if you are attempting to lose weight, stay toned, or bulk up. However, it is important to understand that just because a food is high in protein does not mean it is healthy.

There are good high protein foods and there are bad ones. A bad one is any food that is high in protein but also high in fat. It does no good to consume a bunch of protein if you are also consuming a lot of fat. The proper way to any dietary program is to consume foods rich in protein that are low in saturated fats.

The Harvard School of Public Health posted a list of high protein foods that are also low in fat; some of these may surprise you. On the top of this list is a hamburger. This most likely goes against everything you have ever thought about healthy foods, but the truth is that a 6 ounce hamburger contains 97 % of the recommended daily allowance of protein.

The thing to keep in mind is that it is not the hamburger that is unhealthy, but rather the way you dress it. The size of the portion is also the key when discussing the proper foods to consume. Everything needs to be in moderation.

Another surprise high protein food is Pizza; the catch here is that it is two average sized slices of cheese pizza. These two slices provide over 15 grams of protein. Again it is all in what you put on top of the pizza and how heavy the cheese is piled on.

Even pasta is on the list of high protein foods. 1 cup of macaroni contains 6.8 grams of protein. As noted already, it is the size of the portion and what you put on it that makes the difference with what you eat. You can enjoy some of your favorite foods as long as you maintain control and lay off large amounts of fat.