8 Fat Burning Exercise Secrets of Personal Trainers

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Here you go. 8 Fat melting exercise secrets used by my personal trainers to create wicked programs for our clients. Getting optimal results in the least amount of time possible. These methods are tried tested and true. Otherwise I wouldn’t write them here.

1. Exercise is Essential Every Day

OK you should already know this since you are reading this article, but I just had to throw this in because some people forget. Hands down exercise is the most important factor if your goal is to lose ugly fat. Sure you can lose weight with nutrition alone, but losing fat and losing weight are two totally different ball games. Exercise helps to mobilize fat cells as well triggering your body to preserve the muscle tissue you still have. Exercise and Nutrition go hand and hand. You cannot optimize fat loss with one and not the other. The Best practice is to be doing a minimum of 20 minutes of high intensity exercise per day followed by 30-40 minutes of lower intensity exercise.

2. Feed the Muscle

It still astonishes me that very few people realize that it is your muscle tissue that burns calories for you. 5 lbs of muscle tissue can burn up to 250 extra calories per day; that’s a lot when compounded over time. Over the course of a year that is a whopping 91,250 calories (250 x 365). That equates to over 25lbs of body fat in calories per year. So be sure that your exercise routine is designed to preserve your muscle tissue if not building a little more.

3. Hit the Weights

OK Hopefully the above fact helped you make the decision that muscle tissue is the key to a long and healthy fat free life. So hitting the weights is extremely important in maintaining or even building muscle tissue. This should be a given. In addition to the muscle preservation properties of resistance training you need to realize that weight training can actually burn just as much calories as other types of exercise. Furthermore weight training will cause you to burn calories while your muscles repair. In fact studies have shown that good weight training session can accelerate your metabolism for up to 3 days.

4. Ditch the Isolation Exercises

This one is for all of you old school gym enthusiasts out there. High Repetitions with low weights on countless shoulder, biceps and triceps isolation exercises is useless for fat loss. Yes they do have their place if you’re already a super lean fitness competitor and need to build symmetry, or if you have strength imbalances that need to be corrected. But for the most part they are wasting precious training time that you could be using for better fat burning exercises.

5. Compound Lifts and Full Body Functional Movements

This isn’t rocket science here but a simple truth that I see many gym goers ignore. In fact I think I will declare this as the first law of fat burning: The more muscle you are using at any given time means that you are burning more calories at that time. Therefore the absolute pinnacle of a fat burning routine would be to do full body resistance exercises for the complete duration of the exercise session. Although this level of training takes most trainees months to achieve.

6. Rest is for the Wicked

Well timed rest between sets is generally essential during a workout if you want to build generous amounts of muscle tissue, but it is not essential if your goal is weight loss. Yes if you want to burn of calories faster than you will have to make an attempt to rest as little as possible when you go to the gym. This will make your workouts much more efficient and use full. Much like the above strategy taking little or no rest during a workout may take some time to build up to.

7. Cardio can be done with Weights

All you have to do is ask any of our clients and you will quickly be told how great of a cardio workout it is to do weight training with one of our trainers. Combination work outs which integrate lots of different resistance exercises into a routine consecutively will ramp up the heart rate and give great cardiovascular benefits. This is also a great way to burn off maximum amounts of calories in the least amount of time.

8. Don’t be Afraid to Get Help

Do It Yourself may seem like a good approach to losing fat, but hiring a professional will be much more effective and quicker. Much like home renovations it will probably save you time and money in the long run to hire an expert. Get yourself a good trainer to help you design a good fat burning exercise routine and help with your nutrition. Using a personal trainer consistently has been shown to increase success rates by over 300%.