4 Reasons To Use Dumbbell Complexes In Your Workout Program

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Whether you’re short on time, looking to improve your conditioning level, or just bored and looking to shake things up with your workouts, incorporating dumbbell complexes into your existing routine is a great idea. They’re a great tool that can be used for anything from a warm-up to an entire workout.

A ‘complex’, although a rather general term, is simply when you perform a back-to-back series of different exercises, typically using either dumbbells or a barbell, one after another in circuit fashion without rest.

And while the list of benefits of incorporating dumbbell complexes into your existing routine is huge, here are the top four reasons why I’m such a fan:

1. Portability

Dumbbells are a more portable tool than barbells – so they fit nicely with my ‘fitness anywhere’ philosophy. You can store a pair of dumbbells in a very small space, and even take them with you on a trip!

2. Superior Muscle Recruitment

Dumbbells force you to use each arm individually, so they require more use of those all-so-important important stability muscles. This is a benefit you don’t get with things like barbells and selectorized weight machines.

3. Time Efficiency

You can get a full-body resistance training and cardio workout with a dumbbell complex in less than 30 minutes. With how many other training methods can this be achieved?

4. Cost

It doesn’t cost a lot for a pair of dumbbells – you can get a heck of a lot of mileage out of just a couple pairs of DB’s.

Without question, the dumbbell complex is a tool that can help you take your strength and conditioning to the next level.

Now that I’ve (hopefully) sold you on the idea of the dumbbell complex, you’d probably like to see an example of what a workout like this would look like… so here’s a sample dumbbell complex for you:

8 DB Squats
8 DB RDL’s
8 DB Squat to Presses
8 DB Renegade Rows

Do each exercise in the complex back to back without rest. Rest once you’ve completed the entire circuit for 30-60 seconds; then repeat the circuit again 2-4 more times for a total of 3-5 circuits.

Dumbbell complex workouts are fantastic for quick and effective fat loss workouts. Some of the reasons why they’re so great include portability, recruitment of those all-so-important stability muscles, time efficiency, and cost. Incorporate them into your workout program for improved conditioning, rapid changes in body composition, and more fun today!